Valeriia Vava is an artist, director, screenwriter, performer, choreographer model and an actress.
Previously collaborated with theaters, galleries, museums, advertisement, music videos, television, battle events and movies, of course. 
All these types of art are united by Vava and expressed in a unique way.
She managed to establish herself as an exceptional and excellent choreographer. You can see her art in Russia and in Europe, and perhaps very soon somewhere else.
Currently, Vava is developing an experimental dance through her inner feelings. All that we feel, all that inspire us inside and from the world around is a dance for her.
Being in a constant stage of growth, now Vava realizes herself as an original director and screenwriter.
With her colossal experience, she manages to find new ways for her art and combine them into performances, movies, theatres, dance, music and poetry, as a whole one. 
Valeria Vava is cofounder of the international art group «Taet Vremya».